January 20, 2017

2016 ORPEA Excellence Awards

2016 winner of ORPEA Excellence Awards

On 19 January 2017, the International Scientific and Ethics Council (ISEC) of the ORPEA Group hosted the annual ORPEA Excellence Awards ceremony in Paris. 

It was an opportunity to recognise and reward the four Group organisations that have introduced the most relevant thinking in clinical ethics, as well as the best programmes or publications in research and care innovation.


Twenty-four projects by Group subsidiaries from eight different countries were selected to compete in one of three categories: Clinical Ethics, Research and Care Innovation.


Four winners received their trophy from Dr Jean-Claude Marian, (CEO and Founder of ORPEA Group), Professor Alain Franco (Chairman of the International Scientific and Ethics Council (ISEC) of the ORPEA Group) and Dr Linda Benattar (Group International Medical Director) :


• Clinical Ethics category : "Cinéma Ethique" from the Rehabilitation clinic "le Moulin de Viry", France.


• Research Category : "Chronic pain and post-traumatic stress" (from "Mimosas" Nursing Home, France)


• Care innovation category : The "Fit & Mobile 77+" fitness programme for physical endurance and balance in the elderly" (from SeneCura, Vienna, Austria) 


• Special Jury Award : The College of Psychologists, Psychiatry Division




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