July 17, 2018

ORPEA Group's Code of conduct

The values on which ORPEA was built, which are the source of its strength and its unique culture, have always been transmitted by staff, orally, by example or through local charters.


However, at a time when thousands of new staff are joining our Group every year, both in France and abroad, especially in many new countries, we felt it necessary to proudly reaffirm the values and principles that must continue to guide us daily in our dealings with all stakeholders in our activity.

We therefore wished to formalize and summarize them in this Code of Conduct.

This Code of conduct presents our ethics approach and all our ethical principles towards all stakeholders, towards residents, patients and home-care recipients, towards suppliers, service-providers, partners and the authorities, towards shareholders, investors and lenders and towards civil society and the environment.

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See the leaflet

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