February 13, 2019

Update of the worldwide network of ORPEA Group

2019: continue the momentum of opening new facilities (2,500 new beds) and creating jobs

In 2019, ORPEA is set to open close to 2,500 beds (representing 25 facilities and extensions), of which 85% will be in 10 different countries outside France. In line with the longstanding strategy of the Group, these facilities will be located in attractive areas where there is strong demand, specifically the largest cities in Europe (Prague, Berlin, Paris, etc.).

To support its development and continuous organisational improvements, ORPEA will create over 2,500 sustainable jobs that cannot be transferred abroad across its entire geographical footprint and across the full range of its professional activities. 

With training and internal promotion at the forefront of the HR strategy of the Group, these jobs will have substantial career development prospects.


Network of 96,577 beds in 14 countries and strong increase in the growth pipeline

With its global expansion strategy, the Group significantly built up its network during 2018 through selective acquisitions and, notably, through the opening of numerous facilities in the largest cities in its five regional clusters (established in early 2018). 

Since year-end 2017, the network of ORPEA has grown by close to 10,000 beds (11% increase) net of disposals, breaking down into:

– +6,331 beds (63% of total new beds) through greenfields (creation of new facilities) across all the countries in which the Group operates, including Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Germany

– +4,451 beds through external growth, including acquisitions of groups (Dagelijks-Leven Woonzorgnet, September and Allerzorg in the Netherlands, Axion in Germany) and independent facilities

– -855 beds sold in France

In January 2019, the network of ORPEA includes 96,577 beds in 950 facilities across 14 countries. The percentage of beds outside France has almost tripled in 5 years, now accounting for 65% of the total network.

The growth pipeline of beds under construction has almost doubled over the past 2 years and now stands at 17,388 beds, up 30% over the past 12 months. 85% of these beds are located in the world’s major capital cities. 


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