College of Psychologists

College of Psychologists and Association for the Promotion of Institutional Mental Health Care


College of Psychologists and Association for the Promotion of Institutional Mental Health Care

To enrich our research and exchange initiatives on the mental care of residents and patients, ORPEA created its College of Psychologists in 2004, which now has more than 200 professionals working in the Group's facilities.

The role of the College is to contribute to improving and enriching the psychotherapeutic care provided to residents and patients:
•    Though exchange between the three clinical fields to standardise knowledge and care approaches;
•    By designing, validating, evaluating and perfecting various care tools.

The College of Psychologists has a bi-annual review, published by érès (leading publisher in the field of psychology and psychoanalysis), which publishes a summary of its work under the aegis of a scientific committee composed of experts and eminent professors in the profession.

With this publication, the College intends to open up and enrich its thinking on institutional care systems and practices by compiling articles by psychologists and other institutional carers (psychiatrists, occupational therapists, art-therapists, etc.) from all horizons, whether public, private or community-based.
To add external theoretical and clinical input to its work, the College is strengthening its relationships with a network of recognised professionals and developing dialogue between universities and care institutions with various academic partners, such as the School for Practising Psychologists (Psychoprat’).

In this vein, we have created the Association for Institutional Mental Health Care (A.P.S.P.I), which is a continuation of the College's clinical work.
The APSPI's role is to put clinical theory into practice by creating opportunities for meeting and discussing institutional care practices.
It offers training, initiates research and organises an annual seminar. The first seminar took place in October 2015 on the theme of therapeutic mediation in institutional practice.
The second will take place on 2 December 2016 on the theme of repetition in institutions, for better and for worse. Registrations are now being accepted at

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