Environmental and social responsibility

Environmental and social responsibility


Economic and social inclusion

As ORPEA regularly opens new facilities in Europe, it creates many long-term jobs each year that will never be relocated anywhere else.
The positions on offer are mostly permanent contracts in medicine, care, catering, entertainment and social life, and administrative services.
We have always pursued a local recruitment policy in order to play as full as role as possible in the town's economic life.

We want our facilities to become genuine places where people meet and exchange, an integral part of local life. Families and friends are therefore encouraged to take part in the life of our facilities. We also encourage intergenerational exchange, particularly with children from local neighbourhoods or nearby schools.

Lastly, we take part in many regional outreach programmes, supporting local associations or participating in sports outreach events.

Regional development and respect for the environment

We contribute to the economic development of many regions, with more than 9,000 beds under construction or redevelopment. Through our projects in Europe, we contribute to the development of new urban areas or the redevelopment of old districts, and sometimes to heritage preservation through the restoration of old buildings.

It is also essential for our facilities to respect the local environment.
By the very nature of its business, ORPEA is strongly committed to the welfare of future generations and therefore takes an environmentally responsible approach. Our aim is to gradually reduce the energy consumption and waste production of our facilities through information and awareness campaigns about environmentally responsible behaviour and by equipping them with energy saving systems.

As project manager of its new build facilities, ORPEA has also developed a quality process for the construction and maintenance of its buildings in order to limit their impacts on the external environment while providing healthy, comfortable living conditions for residents and patients.

Health education

We also strive to educate the public at large about ageing, for example by holding open days to help promote health education and prevent public health issues.
Conferences and workshops are regularly organised in our facilities on a variety of themes, including eating and sleeping properly, preventing falls, understanding Alzheimer's, the importance of hand hygiene, etc.

Our facilities offer programmes to improve patient knowledge about their disorder and to give them the means to combat their difficulties and improve their quality of life.

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