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Intelligence, research and innovation in care


Intelligence, research and innovation in care

We keep abreast of innovative systems and new approaches to care so that we can always offer the best solutions to the needs of residents and patients as well as meet the expectations of our staff.

As a committed and responsible operator, we aim to be a forerunner and innovator in our areas of activity by anticipating changes in care methods and taking a proactive approach to the challenges of tomorrow.

At all levels of the organisation, our staff keep up to date with the latest developments in all areas, whether information systems, medicine and pharmacy, purchasing or catering, in order to provide the best possible care and support for residents and patients while ensuring that everyone enjoys excellent working conditions.

For example, the Medical Department coordinates research work with the care teams to measure the benefits of new equipment (e.g. balneotherapy for chronic pain in the elderly) or non-pharmacological therapies to the patient's quality of life.
Research is also carried out with experts on cutting-edge issues, such as feeding patients with Alzheimer's through the research carried out with the Institut Paul Bocuse and AgroParisTech on "How to get patients to enjoy eating with special menus adapted to their needs, desires and capabilities".
Through this research, we try to make sure that the action we take genuinely contributes to the enjoyment and well-being of residents and patients, whatever their age or illness.

Similarly, we work continuously with our architects and suppliers to design and develop pleasant and genuinely adapted living areas and to think up new solutions that take account of likely developments in needs or medical progress. The design and fitting out of our facilities play an active part in the quality of care we provide.

Lastly, our staff have many opportunities to share experience and best practices with healthcare professionals in the sector, whether independent or working in a hospital or clinic environment, through regionally organised conferences. These meetings facilitate an exchange of information enabling our staff to offer patients and their family fully coordinated adapted solutions.
Our staff also regularly take part in professional contests and awards to exchange and promote their practices.

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