Organisation focused on residents and patients

Organisation focused on residents and patients


Organisation focused on residents and patients

ORPEA has structured its organisation in a way that enables its model to be replicated internationally, thus guaranteeing the same levels of quality and management in all countries where we operate.

We have developed an optimised, effective organisation focusing on the quality of care, which is based on a two-pronged approach:
•    Local operational organisation to meet the need for responsiveness at local level as well as the Group's management control and quality requirements;
•    Centralisation of all administrative services at head office level (accounting, purchases, payroll, legal, invoicing, etc.) to generate synergies and facilitate control, best practice benchmarking and communications.

In each country where ORPEA operates, we have a highly structured head office that centralises all administrative and support functions, providing the facility directors with all the expertise they need to run their facility smoothly and efficiently.
This allows them to devote all their time and effort to their residents and patients and to supporting their staff on site.

The care, housekeeping and administrative teams are attentive to the needs of residents and patients and strive to meet their expectations with commitment and respect.

Research and innovation in care

We keep abreast of innovative systems and new approaches to care so that we can always offer the best solutions to the needs of residents and patients as well as meet the expectations of our staff.

Our people

The human dimension is crucial in a business involving the well-being of dependent people. We therefore recruit our staff not only on the basis of their technical skills, but also on their human values.

Continuous progress dynamics

Since the outset, ORPEA has been driven by a proactive Quality culture expressed through a continuous progress approach to the quality of services we offer the residents and patients in our care.

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