Staff training

Staff training


Staff training

ORPEA trains all its employees no matter what their functions or duties, to ensure that they have the skills required to provide high quality medical and general care.

We have established an ambitious training policy to enable everyone to develop and hone their skills.

Awareness campaigns are conducted throughout the year to remind staff of best practices in areas such as Alzheimer's, prevention of maltreatment, movement and posture, safety, etc. These internal modules also provide an opportunity for staff to refresh and improve their knowledge and share their day-to-day stories and experience.

Custom training is also provided, sometimes in partnership with well-known universities and schools, giving everyone the opportunity to develop their skills and obtain professional qualifications while helping to improve the quality of our services.
The following are some of the training courses developed internally by ORPEA or in partnership with well-known universities and schools:
•    Joint Training Program In Elderly Care developed by ORPEA and the Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH);
•    University degree in Care Facility Management, in partnership with the University of Nice;
•    University degree in Geriatric Rehabilitation, in partnership with the University of Nice ;
•    University degree in Psychiatric Nursing Care, in partnership with the University of Lille.

ORPEA has also developed a custom training programme with the prestigious business school ESCP Europe to help its managers anticipate change in our environment and to foster their professional development.
The programme includes both theory and practical work and is tailored to ORPEA's specific needs. It enables employees to explore, propose and put into practice what they have learned and their analysis of issues they face in their day-to-day jobs.
This training also provides an opportunity to think about cross-cutting strategic projects that will support ORPEA's future development.
It ultimately leads to a specialised masters degree from ESCP Europe in Medical and Hospital Management.

In France, ORPEA also set up a school for care assistants in 2004, which is authorised to confer a state-recognised diploma. Click here for more information about the DOMEA Institute for Care Assistant Training.

A proactive HR policy for women

The access of women to positions of responsibility or management is a key element of the HR development policy. Development processes such as the assessment center and the annual talent review have made it possible to build up a pool of "female" talent and to set up empowerment-oriented support programs for female managers (coaching, training, etc.)
Discover here some of the careers of women in the Group :

See the leaflet

See the leaflet
Research and innovation in care

We keep abreast of innovative systems and new approaches to care so that we can always offer the best solutions to the needs of residents and patients as well as meet the expectations of our staff.

Our people

The human dimension is crucial in a business involving the well-being of dependent people. We therefore recruit our staff not only on the basis of their technical skills, but also on their human values.

Continuous progress dynamics

Since the outset, ORPEA has been driven by a proactive Quality culture expressed through a continuous progress approach to the quality of services we offer the residents and patients in our care.

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