Stringent quality system

Stringent quality system

We introduced a stringent quality system in 1998 to control all aspects related to the general and medical care, comfort and safety of the residents and patients in our care, in order to provide the best possible level of service and to improve our practices continuously.

Stringent quality system

A global Quality approach with more than 100 dedicated employees
Human Resources
Recruitment, training
Maintenance and Safety
Meeting standards, buildings maintenance
Quality (60 people)
Implementation, control, development
Procedures, control, innovation

The quality system is based on four pillars:

•    Highly specific protocols and procedures governing medical treatment and care;
•    Staff training;
•    Traceability of procedures and care dispensed to a resident or patient to ensure that information is securely and efficiently circulated among the staff (whether during the day, at night, during the week or at weekends);
•    Annual events such as the Quality or Culinary Awards;
•    Regular internal controls to make sure that procedures are understood and followed, that all protocols are properly observed, and that remedial actions taken are properly followed up over time. These internal controls are supplemented by external controls, providing a genuine guarantee of transparency towards residents and their families, to ensure that our facilities abide by concrete commitments in terms of consistency of service quality.

See the leaflet

See the leaflet
Research and innovation in care

We keep abreast of innovative systems and new approaches to care so that we can always offer the best solutions to the needs of residents and patients as well as meet the expectations of our staff.

Our people

The human dimension is crucial in a business involving the well-being of dependent people. We therefore recruit our staff not only on the basis of their technical skills, but also on their human values.

Continuous progress dynamics

Since the outset, ORPEA has been driven by a proactive Quality culture expressed through a continuous progress approach to the quality of services we offer the residents and patients in our care.

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