Executive Management's message

Executive Management message


Executive Management message

In the space of 30 years, ORPEA has become a European leader in general dependency care, with operations in 14 countries and a network of 950 facilities.

Its development has always been guided by one overriding objective: to provide high quality care at all stages of dependency. Prudent development combining organic growth (by building new facilities) with targeted acquisitions gives us the means to pursue our policy of providing residents and patients with top quality service.

We have built our reputation on a stringent, innovative continuous progress approach in the care we give our residents and patients.
Based on strong human values, we have developed procedures to assure their comfort, safety and well-being on a day-to-day basis.
We take a proactive approach to improving our care for people with diminished autonomy and we are committed to providing all the human and technical resources needed for the well-being of our patients and residents and excellence in the quality of our care:
•    Staff training
•    Observance of effective quality and safety procedures
•    Quality of care and accommodation
•    Pursuit of new care solutions and approaches

In the last years, ORPEA has become highly internationalised with 65% of its network now outside France.
We are pleased and proud to see that all our staff throughout Europe pool their resources and share their experience and skills to advance our approaches and implement best practices on a Group scale.

ORPEA's international expansion has therefore resulted in valuable exchange that encourages staff fulfilment and has reinforced the dynamics of our continuous progress in the quality of care and services we provide to our residents and patients.

This virtuous circle also illustrates the reaffirmed and shared ambition of all our staff to create the best possible care or hospitalisation environment to promote the physical and mental well-being of the residents and patients in our care.

With this in mind, our staff are proactive in their efforts to continually improve the care we provide for dependent people, whether medical care, quality of accommodation or the services available.
We monitor all these areas closely so that we can continue to deliver superior care and service to the residents and patients who have chosen our facilities.

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