Modern facilities

Modern facilities

Our facilities are built as comfortable, warm and attractive places that contribute to the well-being and convalescence of our residents and patients. To this end, ORPEA is continuously investing in the upkeep and the design of its facilities to meet the needs of everyone.

The Group's property strategy

Since the outset, ORPEA has always attached great importance to its overall real estate policy, whether in terms of:

  • Quality of facilities built and/or maintained by the Group;
  • Quality of location, predominantly in town centres or near large urban areas to meet the demand for care in liaison with the local hospital and medical facilities;
  • Creation of an internal team of architects and project managers to ensure that building design meets our Quality requirements;
  • Outright ownership of a large proportion of our facilities.

Safety and comfort of the Group's facilities

Our facilities are thus designed in such a way as to respect the privacy of each resident or patient while encouraging social interaction, thanks to:

  • Comfortably furnished single or double rooms, providing private accommodation;
  • Warm, welcoming common areas (sitting rooms, libraries, terraces, etc.) suitable for organising daily entertainment and various therapeutic activities designed to contribute to the personal fulfilment of residents and patients, and also to provide places where they can mix with each other and receive their family and friends;
  • Dining rooms, where residents can enjoy meals prepared and cooked on site by our chefs.

In addition, creating a safe environment in our care facilities is obviously one of our major preoccupations. We therefore have an in-house Works and Maintenance department responsible for looking after and maintaining our facilities and their equipment. All our facilities are also inspected regularly by external accredited inspection companies.

Strict risk prevention procedures have been drawn up and all staff receive training in these procedures on an annual basis.

For new facilities, we have developed a construction quality process to make sure that new buildings meet the strictest regulations and the best standards of comfort in the sector.
All our facilities are, of course, designed to assure the comfort and safety of dependent, vulnerable people.

Modern equipment

We want our facilities to be places where comfort, warmth and design contribute to the well-being and convalescence of the residents and patients in our care.

Similarly, all our facilities have modern equipment, which differs according to the type of care and treatment provided. For example, they may have:

  • Physiotherapy area or gym;
  • Exterior exercise paths;
  • Occupational and/or physical therapy workshop;
  • Therapeutic kitchen or apartment;
  • Therapy pool, diagnostics and rehabilitation platform for balance and walking difficulties, isokinetics unit for functional rehabilitation;
  • Fitness room, ultra-sound scan room and respiratory therapy room for cardio-vascular rehabilitation.

See the leaflet

See the leaflet