Our values

Our values

Our values are embedded in the very name ORPEA, which stands for

In a people business like ours, ethics and respect for a person's dignity and wishes must be at the heart of the corporate culture.

Right from the outset, to serve the long-term interests of the business, we defined a set of commitments based on strong values, focusing on our patients and residents as well as our staff. They are rolled down to our international facilities and adapted to local specifics and requirements if necessary:

Professionalism, Loyalty, Benevolence, Humility.

At ORPEA, we believe that there can be no value creation without the founding values that guide our action and form the basis of our corporate culture.
Our 65,000 employees around the world devote themselves daily to accompanying, caring for and supporting our residents and patients in our facilities or at home. Whatever their profession, they all share the same values of professionalism, loyalty, benevolence and humility. These come to life in their daily action in the service of vulnerable and fragile people.

The ability to invest in people to improve relationship and moral standards as well as purely technical standards has proved highly positive. Those values have given ORPEA its reputation, just as much as performance in terms of skills and technical expertise.
We strive to make all our care facilities places where everyone can live a full and enjoyable life.


See the leaflet

See the leaflet
Stringent quality system

We introduced a stringent quality system in 1998 to control all aspects related to the general and medical care, comfort and safety of the residents and patients in our care

International Ethics and Scientific Committee

The Committee contributes to our shared professional culture through its insight, experience and skills in the areas of medical quality and safety, health and well-being, science and techniques.

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