Continuous progress dynamics

Continuous progress dynamics

Since the outset, ORPEA has been driven by a proactive Quality culture expressed through a continuous progress approach to the quality of services we offer the residents and patients in our care.

A constantly evolving quality approach

The Group's quality approach is rooted in our history and has forged our development. We attach great importance to the optimisation and continuous improvement of the quality of our services, which is one of the strategic objectives of the ORPEA Group.

To achieve this, we have deployed Quality Departments in each of the countries where the Group is established, in permanent contact with the Group's Quality Department in order to ensure the consistency of the policy. Strict and standardised procedures for all our establishments have been put in place and are constantly evolving. In order to keep them alive, we conduct regular internal and external evaluations and satisfaction surveys administered each year to our patients, residents and their families. This results in corrective action plans that we follow with rigour and determination.

Personalised care pathways that coordinate all the skills and expertise that each patient needs

Upon admission, patients and residents benefit from a global diagnosis (somatic and psychic) in order to build the care and life path adapted to their situation.

Medical and nursing staff, psychologists, rehabilitation therapists, social workers, etc., all contribute their skills and expertise in a coordinated manner to better meet individual needs by allowing each person to play a full part in his or her own care.

High-performance technical platforms, telemedicine, digital care devices, space planning... Our establishments offer a range of tools and solutions that are constantly being adapted and renewed. Aware that the world is changing, we are constantly questioning our professional practices in order to adopt the best of these developments/innovations.

Our tools and processes at the service of quality of care

Each of the countries in which the Group operates has set up a quality system that takes the form of a charter.

These quality charters set out the common basis of the ORPEA Group's commitments based on the Group's ethical values and the points of attention that each establishment must pay to the management of its activities. In order to be as close as possible to the expectations of residents, patients and their families, these charters incorporate the specific local features of each profession and each country. 

See the leaflet

See the leaflet