Our values and commitments

ORPEA values and commitments

Our 71,600 employees around the world are dedicated to accompanying, caring for and supporting our residents and patients in our facilities or at home. Whatever their profession, they all share the same values. These values come to life in their daily work in the service of the frail and vulnerable.

A foundation of commitments based on strong values

First and foremost, and because our business is carried out by teams of men and women who are perfectly committed to the benefit of other men and women, the Group has, since its creation, defined the values shared by all, applied in all the countries where it is established, while respecting national specificities.

Loyalty, Benevolence, Professionalism and Humility are the key values that guide the commitment of all the Group's employees. These values enable our teams to work with our residents and patients in order to preserve and develop their relationships and thus create the best possible conditions for healing and good aging.

Our commitment to residents and patients

The ORPEA Group has built itself on a foundation of fundamental commitments that guide all its day-to-day actions:

  • The sharing of essential human values
  • An approach centred on demanding and rigorous quality processes
  • A double focus on the quality of care and luxury hotel services
  • Special attention to teams through a proactive human resources policy
  • A dynamic of innovation and research for the benefit of patients, residents and staff.


See the leaflet

See the leaflet