Our business

Our business

ORPEA is a leading worldwide operator in dependency care.

We specialise in various types of long- and short-term physical and mental dependency, including:
•    Diminished autonomy due to age;
•    Rehabilitation and post-acute care;
•    Mental health disorders.

In Europe, we provide a full, uniform range of care facilities and services for people with diminished autonomy through a network of specialised facilities:
•    Retirement homes, mostly nursing homes but also assisted living facilities;
•    Post-acute care and rehabilitation facilities;
•    Psychiatric care facilities;
•    Home care services.

All our facilities strive to:

•    Care for residents and patients in a warm, friendly environment suited to their needs and their state of health;

•    Provide a high level of comfort and safety;

•    Provide personalised care plans and support residents and patients in activities of daily living;

•    Encourage their personal fulfilment and well-being throughout their stay through suitable social, cultural and therapeutic activities;

•    Help them to get back to normal life on a long-term basis.

Nursing homes

Our nursing homes offer a range of care options to meet the various needs of families:
•    Long-term care;
•    Short breaks or respite care;
•    Day care.

Many of our nursing homes also have sheltered units specialising in dementia care and hospice units for the highly dependent or terminally ill. We develop personalised living and care plans suited to the different needs of each patient.

We also provide assisted living facilities for more able elderly people wishing to maintain their independence whilst benefiting from various shared services such as housekeeping, entertainment, catering and 24/7 assistance.
These facilities, which are based in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and, to a lesser extent in France, provide one-to-three bed apartments rather than rooms and do not have a salaried care team.

See the following websites for information about our nursing and retirement homes:
> France: www.orpea.com 
> Belgium: www.orpea.be
> Germany: www.orpea.de
> Switzerland: www.senevita.ch
> Austria: www.senecura.at
> Spain: www.orpea.es
> Italy: www.orpea.it
> Poland: www.orpea.pl
> China: www.orpea.cn/

Post-acute care and rehabilitation facilities

Our post-acute care and rehabilitation facilities provide medical care and rehabilitation services following surgery or an acute episode of a chronic illness.

We provide a broad range of post-acute care and rehabilitation services, on both an inpatient and outpatient basis, mainly in France, but also in Germany and Switzerland:
•    General post-acute care;
•    Specialised post-acute care in geriatrics, disorders of the muscular-skeletal or nervous system (functional rehabilitation), respiratory or cardiovascular system, haematology and oncology, etc.

See the following websites for information about our post-acute care and rehabilitation facilities:
> France: CLINEA Group
> Germany: Celenus Group 
> Switzerland: Bois-Bougy facility 
> Italy: CLINEA

Psychiatric care facilities

Our psychiatric facilities provide care for people with mental health issues, admitted on a voluntary basis.

In France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy, these facilities care for people with mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders (obsessive compulsive behaviour, panic attacks, anxiety, social phobia), addictions, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Some also provide specialised care for adolescents and young adults aged 15 to 25.

See the following websites for information about our psychiatric care facilities:
> France: CLINEA Group
> Germany: Celenus Group 
> Switzerland: La Métairie
> Italy: CLINEA Italia

Home care

ORPEA also provides home care for people with diminished autonomy, mainly in France but also in Austria and Germany. The aim is to achieve better continuity of care between the patient's home and the post-acute and rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes.

The various services include:
•    Personal comfort services: cleaning, ironing, gardening;
•    Dependency services: moral support, daytime or night-time supervision, personal hygiene assistance, meal assistance;
•    Support services: help in walking or in car travel.

For more information about our home care services in France

See the leaflet

See the leaflet
Our values

Our values are embedded in the very name ORPEA, which stands for Openness, Respect, Presence, Attentiveness, Carefulness

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