Our history

Our history


Our history

  • 1989

    ORPEA Group founded by
    neuropsychiatrist Doctor Jean-Claude Marian.

    From 1989 to 1995, the Group expanded in France,
    mainly by opening 46 new nursing homes with a total of 4,600 beds.
  • 1999

    Development of a medium-term care offering in France:

    ORPEA focused on building and acquiring post-acute and rehabilitation and psychiatric care facilities, creating a specialised subsidiary called CLINEA.


    Initial public offering:

    The IPO raised ORPEA's profile in both France and Europe, and provided the financial resources to accelerate its expansion.

  • 2004

    Expansion in Europe:

    Capitalising on its experience in France, ORPEA began to expand internationally, focusing oncountries with an ageing population and a fragmented, inadequate supply of care homes for theelderly. ORPEA opened its first two facilities in Italy.2006


    ORPEA's first venture into Switzerland, Belgium and Spain :

    ORPEA obtained a foothold in these three countries through acquisitions:
    a psychiatric care facility in Nyon on the shores of Lake Geneva,
    a geriatric complex in the centre of Brussels, and Spanish group Care with 15 facilities and 1,504 beds.

  • 2008

    Structuring and rolling out of ORPEA's European operations:
    Administrative headquarters were opened in Belgium, Spain and Italy,
    and the Quality policy was rolled out to all facilities.


    French network strengthened

    with the acquisition of the Mediter Group (including a holding in the Medibelge Group) representing a total of 57 facilities with 4,866 beds.


    Spanish network strengthened

    with the acquisition of Artevida (1,162 beds and places) and Belgian network with the acquisition of 100% of MEDIBELGE.


    Arrival of a new strategic long-term shareholder:

    Leading Canadian pension fund, CPPIB, became the Group's largest shareholder, thus raising ORPEA's profile and strengthening its long-term growth potential.

    2014 2015

    Sharp acceleration in ORPEA's international expansion, mainly in German-speaking countries, through major strategic acquisitions:

    - Switzerland: Senevita (21 nursing homes with 2,293 beds)

    - Germany: Silver Care (61 nursing homes with 5,963 beds), then in 2015 the Celenus group (15 facilities with 2,602 beds) and two regional groups, RGB (3,006 beds) and Vitalis (2,487 beds)

    - Austria and Czech Republic: Senecura group (4,236 beds)


    ORPEA acquired the MEDISystem group in Poland (7 facilities with 704 beds) and doubled its size in Spain with the acquisition of the Sanyres group (18 nursing homes with 3,300 beds).

    2017 2020

    ORPEA continues its European development by strengthening its presence in the Netherlands through the acquisition of September and Allerzog (home care), and in Germany through the acquisition of the network of retirement homes Axion. This is also
    the case in Great Britain (where it acquires the Sinoué Group) and Ireland. It is also developing in Eastern Europe with a new presence in Slovenia. Finally, these years saw a strong expansion in Latin America with an acquisition in Uruguay and the acquisition of
    stakes in the leading Brazilian (BSL) and Chilean (Senior Suites) companies.