Our people

Our people


Senior Management

ORPEA has a long-serving senior management team. Our senior managers have been with the Group for more than 15 years now and their long professional experience has given them in-depth knowledge of the sector, our business and its organisation.

Yves Le Masne Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Claude Brdenk Chief Operating Officer

Laure Frères Corporate Secretary and Group Quality Director

Staff engagement

The human dimension is crucial in a business involving the well-being of dependent people. We therefore recruit our staff not only on the basis of their technical skills, but also on their human values.

We then continue to develop those skills and refresh best practices through an ambitious, innovative training policy based on technical expertise as well as interpersonal skills.
Our aim is to give them the means to express their commitment and professionalism in a perfectly controlled environment.

We strive to bridge the generation gap by recruiting young people new to the business world whilst retaining our more senior staff in order to ensure the transfer of skills.
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Our values

Our values are embedded in the very name ORPEA, which stands for Openness, Respect, Presence, Attentiveness, Carefulness

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