Our people

Our people

In a deeply human service business, the Group's employees make the value of the Group

Qualified and committed teams

Because our business is carried out by teams of men and women who are perfectly committed to the benefit of other men and women, the Group has, since its creation, defined a base of commitments based on strong values, applied in all the countries where it is established, while respecting national specificities. It is these simple values, such as caring, compassion, empathy, availability and human warmth, that have made the Group's reputation, as well as its performance in terms of skills and technical expertise. We recruit our employees on the basis of their skills as well as these shared human values.

We are always careful to support our employees in the performance of their daily tasks, in the ethical dimension of their care practices and in the construction of their professional careers.  The Group's active Human Resources policy, supported by local management, aims to support, accompany and develop our teams throughout the world.

- Training is an important part of the Group's action in favour of its teams. It aims to enhance the skills of our employees as they progress through their careers. It also aims to integrate new employees already trained in the best practices of our facilities through apprenticeships. At all levels of the organisation, whatever the function, these training courses aim to ensure that each employee has the technical skills and interpersonal know-how to provide quality care that meets the Group's standards.

In most of the countries where it operates, the Group has either created or purchased training schools that issue state diplomas, or it has formed partnerships with nursing schools, specialised training centres or university centres to recruit and train profiles adapted to needs.

In many countries (France, Poland, Spain, China, Italy) these partnerships give rise to the creation of diplomas dedicated to Orpea's professions, up to the award of Masters or MBAs. Some countries have created campuses offering different training programmes to strengthen integration, technical skills and transversal skills (the Senecura Academy in Austria or the Senevita Academy in Switzerland, for example). In France, the Validation of Acquired Experience programmes for employees are being widely developed. 

The construction of career paths is reflected in a strong internal promotion and numerous functional evolutions between the different activities, whatever the type of function occupied. Our international experience, with a presence in Europe, China and South America, is a real opportunity for the development and enrichment of our practices and training. It also offers our employees prospects for international and cross-disciplinary career paths.

Promoting inclusion and diversity as a driver of the Group's success

We are convinced that inclusion and diversity are performance drivers. Giving everyone a chance, according to their skills and values and regardless of their gender, age, origin or initial training, for example, is a mindset shared at the highest management level and deployed among all Group managers. We strive to bridge the generation gap by recruiting young people new to the business world whilst retaining our more senior staff in order to ensure the transfer of skills.*

Quality of life at work

Just as essential to the support of our employees and respect for everyone, we place all our actions to promote the best quality of life at work. Throughout the Group we are committed to improving the working conditions, safety and health of our employees. We believe that a respectful and inclusive work environment enables everyone to give their best.



Senior Management

Orpea's General Management is characterised by the great stability of its teams, most of whom have spent a large part of their careers within the Group, Yves Le Masne, its Chief Executive Officer, joined the Group in 1993 as Management Controller. He then held the position of Head of Management Control within the Group before becoming Administrative and Financial Director. In 2006, he was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer and then became a member of the Board of Directors. In 2011, Yves Le Masne was appointed Chief Executive Officer of ORPEA, a position he still holds today.
Yves Le Masne Chief Executive Officer

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See the leaflet
Our values

Our values are embedded in the very name ORPEA, which stands for Openness, Respect, Presence, Attentiveness, Carefulness

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